North Country Flies

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North Country Flies are the traditional wet flies which form the foundation of all North Country flyfishing. Read about tying these trout patterns from author and angler Robert L Smith who has written extensively about many aspects of history, dressing and fishing a large range of north country spider and wet fly patterns.

North Country fly patterns such as the Waterhen Bloa, Partridge & Orange and the Waterhen Bloa have long been regarded as the “Holy Trinity” of north country spider patterns and have a rich history of being fished by some of the world’s best fly fishermen. These simple wet fly patterns have been used for many centuries and are dressed using simple materials to represent the full range of insects found of the freestone rivers of both northern England and southern Scotland.

These spider wet flies though very relaxing and enjoyable way to fish, nevertheless, often require a high level of fly skill and watercraft to fish effectively. With various presentation methods being used such as the Down & Across, Across & Down and Upstream Presentation.

Read about fishing and dressing many of these wet fly patterns on these Sliding Stream blog pages and also learn about the history of dressing and fishing a range of north country spider patterns on the many of the Yorkshire Dales rivers. Follow in the footsteps in many of the finest and most notable north country anglers such as T.E. Pritt, Francis Max Walbran, Oliver Edwards, Eobert Smith, Harfield Edmonds and Norman Lee. Visit