Dry fly fishing yorkshire dales

The purists among dry-fly fishermen will not under any circumstances cast except over rising fish, and prefer to remain idle the entire day rather than attempt to persuade the wary inhabitants of the stream to rise at an artificial fly, unless the have previously seen a natural one taken in the same position.

Dry-Fly Fishing…..F.M. Halford, 1889

Dry Fly Fishing has a rich angling heritage thought by many anglers to be the pinnacle flyfishing. The Sliding Stream blog features a series of articles about dressing and fishing with dry flies on the freestone rivers running through the Yorkshire Dales. Considered by many fly anglers to be the most enjoyable and visual form of presenting a fly.
A trout taking a floating dry fly is the singular moment in fly fishing that sets it apart from all other types of fishing. Dry flies can be fished in all water types, from slow glides to the fastest of pocket waters and pool necks. And is an effective technique for not just fishing to sighted fish, but also as a searching method when trout are actively on the feed.
With numerous natural insects trapped in or on the surface giving easy pickings for trout, the floating dry fly proves so effective, even with no fish showing at the surface. Dry flies can be fished in all water types, from slow glides to the fastest of pocket water and pool necks. A dry fly dressed with the correct silhouette and size, and fished in the correct manner is often hard for a trout to resist.
Kick your heels back and read a series of fly-fishing articles that share information, tips and techniques about all aspects of fly fishing with the dry fly.
The Slidingstream Fly-Fishing Blog writes about our rich angling heritage with fly fishing articles, tips, photos and videos.

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